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We notched the glass around the seat in the picture to the right. We measure with lasers to insure accurate measurements around seats. When measuring for cutouts one must be accurate and handy with a tape measure. We train our technicians to measure tight even though it can mean the panel will not fit at that time. The panel can be ran back through the polisher to polish off up to 3/16" of an inch for a very tight look. 



When notching for a shower seat, the notch should always have the same radius as the corner of the seat. Some installers have the shower glass fabricated sharp on the corner. We always match the glass to the seat or buttress corner. Our technicians carry a radius chart for accuracy, they never guess.

We do not cut the buttress over hang unless you would like to save money and not have the shower glass "indented notched" like the glass to the right. We cut the buttress over hang for free. We would rather cut it ourselves than to have it already cut for us because of accuracy of the cut. We do charge extra for indented notching because of the risk of it looking bad. We will re-manufacture the panel if it does not look good. 


Click on the image to see it very large. When shower door companies or glass and mirror companies send out inexperienced technicians to measure, they don't always catch things. 


  • Radius's 
  • Out of plumb seats
  • Out of plumb buttress's 
  • Dam pitches that are pitched towards the outside of the shower.
  • Walls that have bows 


To the right is a shower door that has bull-noses that protrude out of the tile. We measure very tight so that the door looks good, but still functions. We carry hand polishers for making the notch slightly bigger. We are very concerned with the appearance of our shower enclosures and also the functionality too.
We love referrals so we work hard to earn them. 


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