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Sliding Enclosures       

How to clean

Squeegee the shower door glass and dry the entire shower enclosure including metal clips or hinges after each use. Once a week or as needed, clean the shower enclosure with mild soap and water and a soft damp cloth. Please do not use steel wool or cleaners containing ammonia or bleach these can ruin the finishes of the shower door hardware and can scratch the shower glass.)
Applying Diamond Fusion to the inside of your shower door repels water and keeps water spots from staining your shower glass.


If you already have hard water spots on your shower enclosure. Here are some tips that people have told us that work.

1. Try rubbing salt on your shower door glass.
2. Try CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner http://www.jelmar.com/CLRproducts.htm
3. Sparkle removes light water spots on your shower glass caused by hard water; also removes soap scum from shower doors. http://www.crlaurence.com/ProductPages/S/SP101_6724.html?Origin=
4. Mix 50/50 of water and white vinegar, we heard that pickle juice is much stronger. Take a towel that is soaked with the juice and drape it over your shower door. Keep the towel very wet with the juice. Keep the towel on the shower door until you see a difference. Repeat this process until it works. Us a cleaning brush also to scrub the shower door glass .

These are methods and products that customers and the Internet has told us that work to clean your shower door glass . Try them for your self and see. They could just save you money. When cleaning your shower door glass you should always wear gloves and eye protection having a well ventilated area is a must. Always protect your shower door hardware from harsh chemicals.