Types of Glass Shower Doors

Considering new shower doors? Our team is here to help! When designing your new shower enclosure, you’ll need to choose the best type of shower glass doors for your bathroom.

There are many different types of shower glass doors to fit your new shower enclosure, including:

Hinged shower glass doors use side-mounted hinges and swing outward like your front door. The hinges can be mounted to either the wall or another glass panel in your shower enclosure. These shower glass doors are some of the most popular and can be sealed to help with water tightness. You’ll just need to make sure that you have plenty of space to allow them to swing open and that there’s nothing in the way.

Pivot shower glass doors are like hinged doors, except they move from pivot hardware on the top and bottom. The main benefit of these is that they tend to need less space to open than hinged doors, but you will still need to make sure nothing blocks the path, as they still swing open. Keep in mind that, unless your doors reach from floor to ceiling, pivoting shower doors may need a frame on top where the pivot hinge mounts.

For a great space-saving alternative to swinging doors, choose sliding shower doors. Sliding shower doors don’t need extra space to swing outward, because the panels slide in front of or behind each other to open. This makes them extra popular for smaller spaces. They are also really popular for shower doors for a tub. However, they do need a large enough shower opening, usually at least 60 inches wide, so they can open enough to let you into the shower comfortably.

Stationary glass panels aren’t shower doors per se, but they are a common option if you’d rather not have a door at all. Basically, we can place these panels to help block water splashing out of the shower area and leave the entrance completely open. However, keep in mind that these are best suited for large showers where there’s less chance of the water spraying out onto the bathroom floor. 

Our shower glass door experts are here to help you choose the perfect options for your bathroom. We take care of everything for you, from measuring to designing and installing your new shower enclosure. Contact us now to get started and get a free quote!

Things to Consider When Choosing Shower Doors

First, you’ll need to consider how much space you have in your bathroom. This is more than just whether your bathroom is big or small, but also how it’s used. For example, in some cases you can have a large bathroom, but your vanity might be so close to your shower enclosure that you wouldn’t have enough room to open a swinging shower glass door. Measurements are extremely important when deciding which type of shower glass doors you will need.

When you contact our experts at Shower Doors Inc., we come out and take measurements for you to ensure accuracy and also do a thorough evaluation so we can recommend the right options for your bathroom.

Also, you’ll want to consider which shower glass doors look the best to you. Your bathroom is like your own personal oasis, so you want it to match your taste and décor! If you have a modern, minimalist feel in your bathroom, then you’ll probably want to go with hinged doors that have as little hardware as possible. For more rustic-looking bathrooms, sliding shower doors with barn door hardware are a great option. Whatever the case, you want to choose something that looks gorgeous in your bathroom.

Finally, you also want to consider accessibility. For instance, if you have young children or someone with mobility issues in your home, some doors may be easier to open and close than others. Many families with younger kids choose sliding doors because they’re simple to operate, while you might consider just a stationary panel with a completely open entrance to your shower enclosure for those with mobility issues. Essentially, choose the shower glass doors that are most practical and functional for everyone in your home.

If you’re looking for expert shower glass door and enclosure design, fabrication, and installation, choose our team for your needs! We can help you find beautiful options that fit your home and budget. Contact us now for a free quote!