Treatments for Frameless Glass Showers

Want low maintenance, easy to clean shower doors? Treatments for shower doors make this possible! We offer ShowerGuard and EasyClean 10 shower glass treatments to help you protect your investment.

While normal, untreated glass may look smooth, it is actually quite porous, with microscopic peaks and valleys on the surface of the glass. The problem with this is that these areas are the perfect place for soap scum, minerals, and germs to build up on your shower doors. This can make them vulnerable to staining and etching and also make them incredibly hard to clean.

Instead, shower door treatments make the glass surface smooth, so soap scum, minerals, and germs don’t have anywhere to hide. This can help make your shower doors significantly easier to clean and can help prevent stains. Shower door treatments not only save you time, hassle, and money on shower door maintenance and cleaning, they can also help your shower doors last even longer!

Now, you’ll still need to clean your shower regularly even if you choose shower door treatments. You can think of treated shower doors like a Teflon, non-stick pan. You still need to clean them but wiping away the gunk and grime is significantly easier than untreated glass. This is especially true because hard water is a real problem in Texas. This can put your shower doors at risk for etching, corrosion, and stains from the minerals in our water! Rather than risk your hard-earned money going down the drain for more frequent shower door replacements, getting shower doors with treatments can help prevent glass damage from hard water minerals and other issues.

Our team at Shower Doors Inc. offers quality shower door treatments so you can save yourself the trouble of high maintenance, hard-to-clean glass.


ShowerGuard is a shower door treatment that happens during glass manufacturing. ShowerGuard uses specialized, state-of-the-art ion beam technology to help seal and smooth the surface of the glass.

This shower door treatment is permanent and durable, so it never wears off or needs to be re-applied. These doors don’t need any special maintenance, you can simply wipe them clean with non-abrasive cleaning tools and products. ShowerGuard comes with a limited lifetime warranty against, so you have peace of mind for the life of your shower doors.

EasyClean 10

Another shower door treatment option is EasyClean 10. This treatment helps repel both water and oil to help stop stains, etching, and buildup. Glass manufacturers apply this liquid to the glass to provide an ultra-thin, exceptionally durable layer over the glass and seal it from stains, etching, and more.

With EasyClean 10 shower door treatment, there’s no need to re-apply. All you need to do is clean the glass regularly to keep your shower doors looking clean, clear, and beautiful. EasyClean 10 coatings come with a 10-year warranty

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