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Modern bathroom after Houston shower replacement project

Houston Shower Replacement Guide

If you’re ready to upgrade and modernize your bathroom, there’s no better project than Houston shower replacement. Leveling-up your shower is the perfect way to ...
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Houston sliding shower doors with towel bar in luxury bathroom

How to Measure for Houston Sliding Shower Doors

Houston sliding shower doors are a great option for your bathroom. If you want sliding doors for your shower, then it’s important to measure carefully. ...
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Houston shower glass door in modern bathroom

How to Remove Limescale from Your Houston Shower Glass Door

Have you noticed a white, chalky film on your Houston shower glass door? This is probably limescale, a tough-to-remove buildup that can make your doors ...
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Modern shower with frameless glass after Houston shower replacement

How Long Does Houston Shower Replacement Take?

If you are starting a Houston shower replacement project, you might be wondering just how long it will take. Of course, this really depends on ...
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Person using squeegee to clean Houston shower doors

How to Restore Cloudy Houston Shower Doors

If you have cloudy, hazy Houston shower doors in your home, you might be wondering how to make them look clear again. In many cases, ...
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Houston frameless shower door on fiberglass tub surround in modern bathroom

Houston Frameless Shower Door & Fiberglass Shower Surrounds

If you want a Houston frameless shower door for your bathroom, you might be wondering what’s needed for installation. One common question we receive is ...
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large walk-in shower after Houston shower replacement

Houston Shower Replacement for a Larger Shower Enclosure

Dying for a larger shower in your bathroom? It may be time for a Houston shower replacement project. In many cases, you can increase the ...
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man using microfiber cloth to clean Houston shower glass door

Don’t Use Rain-X® on Your Houston Shower Glass Door

If you have a Houston shower glass door, it’s important to keep it clean. Many people notice hard water and limescale buildup on their shower ...
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Modern shower with frameless glass and gold fixtures after Houston shower replacement

Is it Time for Houston Shower Replacement?

Houston shower replacement is a rewarding project to help you improve your home. Shower replacement can be part of a total bathroom remodel or may ...
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