Clean Shower Doors: Squeegee or Microfiber for Extra Water?

water droplets on shower doors
Removing excess water from your shower doors helps keep minerals and soap scum at bay.

Keeping your shower doors clean and sparkling is incredibly easy with a few tips. Removing extra water from your shower glass after each use can go a long way in reducing soap scum and water spots and may even mean you need to deep clean your shower less often! Most people use either a squeegee or a microfiber cloth to help remove extra water from the glass walls and doors of their shower. However, you might be wondering which one is better. Let’s talk about shower squeegees and microfiber cloths for your shower enclosure.

Keeping Shower Doors Clean with a Squeegee

Squeegees are a great cleaning tool, especially for glass. When it comes to cleaning a shower glass door, many people choose a squeegee as their instrument of choice for keeping shower glass clean and clear. 

Shower squeegees are a quick and simple way to keep your shower clean. You simply swipe the rubber blade along the glass and watch the water fall straight down. Doing this right after a shower can help reduce the amount of minerals and soap scum on your shower walls and doors. Many squeegees even come with a small hook or suction cup for easy in-shower storage. 

Squeegees are super easy to clean, typically only needing a quick rinse in the sink with soap. Over time, the rubber blade can wear out, so you may need to replace them every year or so.

Using Microfiber Cloths to Remove Extra Moisture from a Shower Glass Door

Many people also use microfiber cloths instead of or in addition to squeegees for their showers. Microfiber cloths may be easier to use for children to dry off frameless showers than squeegees. These cloths can be really useful for a wide range of cleaning activities, including removing extra water after a shower. They can hold several times their weight in liquid and naturally attract dirt and grime. You might also consider squeegeeing most of the water from your shower and following up with a microfiber cloth to fully dry the glass. 

Just keep in mind that microfiber cloths do need to be laundered regularly. Generally, you want to wash microfiber cloths after every one or two uses to dry your shower. This can help keep them clean and free of mold and mildew. When cared for properly, microfiber cloths can last for five or more years, so they’ll help keep your shower clean for quite a long time. 

Another thing to consider is keeping a few microfiber cloths on hand in the bathroom cabinet. This is especially true if your family tends to take back-to-back showers. Microfiber cloths can quickly become full of water and may not help dry the glass until they have time to dry out. 

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