Don’t Use Rain-X® on Your Houston Shower Glass Door

If you have a Houston shower glass door, it’s important to keep it clean. Many people notice hard water and limescale buildup on their shower glass and wonder if there’s a way to avoid it. We’ve heard of a so-called life hack of using Rain-X auto glass treatment on shower doors. Let’s talk about why this trick may not be the best option and some better alternatives.

Why Not Use Rain-X® Original Glass Treatment on Your Houston Shower Glass Door?

man using microfiber cloth to clean Houston shower glass door
There are many ways to make cleaning your Houston shower glass door easier, but there are some disadvantages to using Rain-X on your shower glass.

If you’ve looked for ways to keep hard water spots off of your Houston shower doors, you may have come across advice to use Rain-X original glass treatment on them. There are many online sources saying to do this, but it’s important to consider the risks and benefits before you do so. 

First, you should know that Rain-X original treatments aren’t made for shower glass. They’re actually made for car windshields and windows. So, you have to keep that in mind before deciding to apply it to your shower enclosure. 

Also, Rain-X typically requires regular reapplications. Original treatments last only about 3 months on cars before you need to reapply. The same will likely be true of your Houston shower glass door. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might notice a hazy or cloudy appearance to your shower glass if you use Rain-X incorrectly. You need to apply it correctly and polish it perfectly to ensure you keep your glass crystal clear. Many people have a hard time doing this themselves and end up with hazy-looking glass. Rain-X recommends their product Extreme Clean for removing the treatment from glass surfaces. Just keep in mind you may need some elbow grease and patience. 

What About Other Products Like Auto Glass Wax?

We’ve also noticed some other recommendations online that we think we should address. Many people recommend using liquid automotive wax for Houston shower doors. However, you will likely run into similar issues as the Rain-X. Liquid car waxes tend to leave a waxy residue behind and need to be applied regularly to maintain the water repelling surface. Also, don’t forget that any accidental drips can leave your shower or tub slippery, which is definitely a safety issue. 

Does Rain-X Offer Products Specifically for Houston Shower Doors?

Now, we’ve talked a lot about Rain-X’s automotive glass treatment, but they do also make a shower specific product. It’s relatively new on the market and is called Rain-X Shower Door Water Repellent. Now, this product does have pretty good reviews online, but there are some drawbacks. First, it only lasts a few weeks according to the bottle.

In addition, it’s pretty labor-intensive to apply. First, you must clean and dry the glass, then apply it all over the glass in circular motions and allow it to dry. You follow up with a second coat and let that dry as well. Afterwards, you need to buff and polish with a soft, dry cloth to get the glass clear again. For many people, doing this once a month is incredibly inconvenient. 

Keeping Your Houston Shower Glass Door in Good Condition with Professional Coatings

So, what are your options? Professional shower door treatments are a long-lasting option to help make your shower doors easier to clean and help prevent the permanent damage that hard water and lime scale can cause. 

Our team offers two different options: ShowerGuard and EasyClean 10. ShowerGuard is actually a manufacturing process for the glass to make the surface more even. This can help reduce how many minerals stick to the surface. EasyClean 10 is a shower glass coating that we apply to your Houston shower glass door and comes with a 10 year warranty to help repel water and minerals and make them easier to wipe away. 

With these options, there’s no need to apply yourself, reapply regularly, or worry about a hazy, cloudy appearance. It’s ultra-convenient and is a great way to protect your shower glass. 

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