How Long Does Houston Shower Replacement Take?

Modern shower with frameless glass after Houston shower replacement
Planning for a Houston shower replacement? Talk to your contractor and your expert glass technicians for more exact schedules.

If you are starting a Houston shower replacement project, you might be wondering just how long it will take. Of course, this really depends on the specifics of your project, so you should consult with your contractor and with our glass technicians for a good time estimate. However, we have some general information to help you get a sense of shower replacement timelines as you start your project.

How Long Will a Houston Shower Replacement Project Take?

There are many different parts of a Houston shower replacement project. For instance, usually it includes installing new waterproof walls, a new shower pan, and also new plumbing fixtures. All this takes time to plan and to do. Your shower remodeling contractor can give you a good estimate for these tasks. However, usually these processes will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. 

Timelines for Your Houston Shower Doors

Of course, if you’re installing Houston shower doors, then you also want to know how long it takes for this step. Usually the shower glass is one of the last things to go in for your new shower. 

Like the other parts of your Houston shower replacement, the exact timing really depends on your exact project. It may take just a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the particulars of your project. Here are a few things to understand about how long it takes to install shower doors.

We Need to Measure Finished Surfaces for New Glass For Houston Shower Replacement

One really important thing to know about how long it takes to install shower glass is that we need to measure finished surfaces for your custom glass shower enclosure. Many people make the mistake of measuring before the tile or wall surround is installed, leading to incorrect or imprecise measurements. 

Keep in mind that even if you know the thickness of the tile or wall surround for your Houston shower replacement, even standard variations in that thickness can seriously affect your shower enclosure. That’s why typically it’s best to wait until the shower walls and floor are finished before measuring for your shower glass. This way, we can make sure we fabricate the glass to the exact right dimensions for your bathroom. 

Custom Glass Takes Time to Manufacture

Once we measure, we need time to fabricate the glass. This involves cutting the glass to the right sizes and also applying any shower glass treatments that make it more durable and easier to clean. Also, other design elements such as etching may take a little longer than standard clear glass.

Shower Glass Installation Usually Takes Less Than a Day

Once the glass is ready, then we can install your new shower glass. This usually takes less than a day to complete from start to finish. Our team can coordinate with your remodeling contractor to schedule the ideal time for shower door installation.

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