Houston Frameless Shower Door & Fiberglass Shower Surrounds

Houston frameless shower door on fiberglass tub surround in modern bathroom
You can install a Houston frameless shower door on a fiberglass shower surround if you have enough support for the door and panels.

If you want a Houston frameless shower door for your bathroom, you might be wondering what’s needed for installation. One common question we receive is whether we can install shower doors if you have a fiberglass shower surround. We’ll explore this question in this article. 

Can You Install a Houston Frameless Shower Door on a Fiberglass Shower Surround?

Many homeowners love fiberglass shower surrounds as opposed to custom tile work. Not only is this option often more affordable, but it can also decrease the amount of maintenance you need to do for your shower walls. In addition, they are often much easier to install. However, one potential drawback is that these shower surrounds are typically made of thin material that isn’t particularly strong. 

As such, many homeowners wonder if it’s possible to install Houston shower doors on a fiberglass shower surround. The good news is, it is typically possible. However, we may need to do some extra work to make sure the installation is safe and long-lasting. 

You Need Plenty of Support for Shower Panels and Doors

No matter how you shake it, a Houston frameless shower door is pretty heavy. Every type of shower door is going to need plenty of support for installation. Otherwise, there’s a risk of the hardware failing and the door falling. This can create safety issues for you and your family and may also cause damage that can be costly to repair. Therefore, you want to make sure shower doors have plenty of support after installation. You should not install shower doors on fiberglass shower surrounds that are simply glued to drywall. This won’t provide the support the shower door needs.

One way to achieve this is to make sure there’s a solid backing or wood blocking behind the fiberglass shower surround. This way, the screws that hold the hinges and hardware in place have something strong to hold onto. If you’re completing a total Houston shower replacement project, then you can simply make sure the contractor adds this backing during the surround installation. Otherwise, you’ll need to take steps to determine if you do have supportive material behind an existing surround. Another option would be to install a shower door on a wall stud behind the surround.

If you already have shower doors and simply want to transition to a frameless shower door, the good news is that there’s probably some type of support behind the surround. Therefore, if you’re simply upgrading to a different shower door, such as going from framed to frameless, you likely already have the support needed for a new shower door.

Getting professional installation services for your Houston frameless shower door is a good way to make sure that your shower door has enough support behind the shower surround. Our installation team is here to ensure installation is safe and simple for you.

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