Replace Framed Glass with Houston Frameless Showers

Houston frameless showers are an ultra-modern option for your bathroom. If you have older framed shower enclosures, it might be time for an upgrade. There are several reasons many homeowners in Houston and College Station are choosing to make the switch to frameless shower glass.

Why Consider Houston Frameless Showers?

Houston frameless showers in modern bathroom
Houston frameless showers are an attractive feature for your bathroom.

If you’re considering a Houston shower replacement project, then you should understand the difference between framed and frameless options. Framed shower doors are the oldest option and use metal frames around the outside of the glass. Frameless shower glass uses thicker glass and doesn’t have frames around the perimeter of the glass. Frameless showers offer some important benefits that may work better for your bathroom.

While both framed and Houston frameless showers are much easier to maintain and clean compared to shower curtains, frameless glass tends to be the easiest. Frames and tracks can accumulate water, soap scum, and grime. There are also many more crevices where germs and dirt can hide. Frameless showers don’t have as many hiding spots for grime, making them easier to clean and maintain. 

Also, many homeowners swap out framed for frameless glass in their showers because they look incredibly elegant. They feature clean lines that don’t interrupt the look of your bathroom like aluminum framing. This means they actually enhance the design of your bathroom as a whole, rather than drawing attention to the shower enclosure. 

How Does Houston Shower Replacement Work?

Once you’ve made the decision between framed and frameless shower doors, our team can help you with the Houston shower replacement process. The first step is contacting our team for a consultation. We come out to your home to take some measurements and get a feel for the space.

Then, we discuss what you’re looking for to help you design gorgeous Houston shower glass enclosures that fit your style and bathroom. Our team offers recommendations for customization for things like hardware and glass style so you can get a one-of-a-kind shower in your bathroom.

Once you finalize the design, we manufacture the glass to precise specifications based on the measurements we took in your bathroom. We also come in and can remove the old shower enclosure and perform any prep work like cleaning surfaces or filling holes left behind before installing your brand new shower. 

Typically, homeowners choose to replace framed shower glass with frameless options one of three ways. You can do just a shower enclosure update, where we remove the old glass and replace it with new. Others decide to do a total shower remodel when upgrading to Houston frameless showers. It’s also common to replace your shower enclosures during a total bathroom renovation. No matter what type of project you have going on, our experts are here to help. 

Go Frameless with Shower Doors Inc.

Switching to frameless showers in your bathroom offers many benefits, particularly for aesthetic and maintenance. Our team at Shower Doors Inc. can help with shower glass removal, manufacturing, and installation. We are your trusted partner when you want to replace your old shower doors. We are proud to serve the Greater Houston and College Station area with superior craftsmanship, quality, and friendly service. Get in touch today to request a free quote for your new shower.